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With simple geometries and forward-looking technology, our chandeliers innovatively create light and define spaces that are at once elegant and inviting. 

Featured collection: Ballet Chandelier

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  1. Constellation Andromeda Pendant Constellation Andromeda Chandelier
    Constellation Andromeda Chandelier
    From $2,680.00
  2. Ballet LED Pendant Ballet LED Chandelier
    Ballet LED Chandelier
    From $3,480.00
  3. Cantina LED Pendant Cantina LED Chandelier
    Cantina LED Chandelier
    From $1,740.00
  4. Constellation Aquila Pendant Constellation Aquila Chandelier
    Constellation Aquila Chandelier
    From $4,120.00
  5. Papillons LED Pendant Papillons LED Chandelier
    Papillons LED Chandelier
    From $1,250.00
  6. Constellation Cosmic Cube Pendant Constellation Cosmic Cube Chandelier
    Constellation Cosmic Cube Chandelier
    From $27,300.00
  7. Sabon Pendant Sabon Chandelier
    Sabon Chandelier
    From $1,470.00
  8. Vines LED Pendant Vines LED Chandelier
    Vines LED Chandelier
    From $1,840.00
  9. Torc LED Pendant Torc LED Chandelier
    Torc LED Chandelier
    From $840.00
  10. Grapes LED Pendant Grapes LED Chandelier
    Grapes LED Chandelier
    From $960.00
  11. Abstraction LED Pendant Gray SIlo Image Abstraction LED Pendant
    Abstraction LED Pendant
    From $1,620.00
  12. Arctic Rings Single LED Ring Pendant Arctic Rings LED Chandelier
    Arctic Rings LED Chandelier
    From $2,500.00
  13. Champagne Bubbles LED Pendant Champagne Bubbles LED Chandelier
    Champagne Bubbles LED Chandelier
    From $1,300.00
  14. Constellation Aquarius Minor Gray SIlo Image Constellation Aquarius Chandelier
    Constellation Aquarius Chandelier
    From $4,230.00
  15. Constellation Hedron Pendant Constellation Hedron Chandelier
    Constellation Hedron Chandelier
    From $9,240.00
  16. Constellation Ursa Constellation Ursa Chandelier
    Constellation Ursa Chandelier
    From $9,380.00
  17. Friso LED Pendant Friso LED Chandelier
    Friso LED Chandelier
    From $1,160.00
  18. Gestures 3-Arm LED Pendant Gray SIlo Image Gestures 3-Arm LED Chandelier
    Gestures 3-Arm LED Chandelier
    From $2,380.00
  19. Light Chimes LED Pendant Light Chimes LED Chandelier
    Light Chimes LED Chandelier
    From $545.00
  20. Light Guide Ring Light Guide Chandelier
    Light Guide Chandelier
    From $513.00
  21. Liquid LED Pendant Liquid LED Chandelier
    Liquid LED Chandelier
    From $1,320.00
  22. Meclisse LED Pendant Meclisse LED Chandelier
    Meclisse LED Chandelier
    From $1,080.00
  23. Movile LED Pendant Movile LED Chandelier
    Movile LED Chandelier
    From $900.00
  24. Nebula Bar Pendant Nebula Bar Chandelier
    Nebula Bar Chandelier
    From $8,400.00
  25. Nebula Square Pendant Nebula Square Chandelier
    Nebula Square Chandelier
    From $10,700.00
  26. Nebula Zig Zag Pendant Nebula Zig Zag Chandelier
    Nebula Zig Zag Chandelier
    From $10,700.00

Items 1-30 of 73

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