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With simple geometries and forward-looking technology, our chandeliers innovatively create light and define spaces that are at once elegant and inviting. 

Featured collection: Ballet Chandelier

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  1. Proton Beta Pendant Proton Beta Chandelier
    Proton Beta Chandelier
    From $4,670.00
  2. Qux LED Pendant Qux LED Chandelier
    Qux LED Chandelier
    From $1,160.00
  3. Spire LED Pendant Spire LED Chandelier
    Spire LED Chandelier
    From $4,230.00
  4. Systema Staccato Hash Pendant Systema Staccato Hash Chandelier
    Systema Staccato Hash Chandelier
    From $4,900.00
  5. Systema Staccato Offset Pendant Systema Staccato Offset Chandelier
    Systema Staccato Offset Chandelier
    From $4,900.00
  6. Teardrop Chandelier Teardrop Chandelier
    Teardrop Chandelier
    From $730.00
  7. Tik-Tak LED Pendant Tik-Tak LED Chandelier
    Tik-Tak LED Chandelier
    From $1,190.00
  8. Facets LED Pendant Facets LED Chandelier
    Facets LED Chandelier
    From $1,940.00

Items 31-60 of 73

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