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Ballet LED Chandelier

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Poised in opposing positions, softly tapered acrylic forms radiate LED illumination. Asymmetrically counterbalanced, these double tapered elements are arranged in a symmetrical cluster to form a dazzling luminous dance of interactivity. Suspended from a single multi-arm canopy or mounted individually to the ceiling in a radial pattern allows for scaling of the diameter of the fixture.


SONNEMAN's Ballet LED Chandelier is one of the brand's multi-form collections, which are lighting compositions of multiple elements often composed of abstract or geometrically shaped glass or metal pendants of singular or multiple sizes. Created to be used in a variety of configurations, Multi-form configurations create scalable, dazzling, luminous arrangements of exquisite variety, shapes, and sizes. Explore our 9-light, 13-light, or 24-light configurations in bright satin aluminum or satin black.
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Designer: Lisa Hershman ABACA Interiors 

Stylist: Charlotte Safavi for Stylish Productions 

Photographer: Robert Radifera

Interior Design, Architecture and Furnishings: Collective Design Group
Builder: Pinnacle Mountain Homes
Photographer: Jess Blackwell

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