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Systema Staccato Named Finalist for Architizer A+Awards


Systema Staccato Named Finalist for Architizer A+Awards

Chosen by a panel of seasoned design judges, the award cements Systema Staccato’s status as an architectural, forward-looking approach to lighting design.


Introduced by SONNEMAN in early 2022, Systema Staccato—a comprehensive, scalable and infinitely customizable lighting system—was named a finalist for the Architizer A+ Awards for its groundbreaking design able to dynamically illuminate both commercial and residential spaces. Chosen by a panel of seasoned design judges, the award cements Systema Staccato’s status as an architectural, forward-looking approach to lighting design.

Infinite Variability

In deciding the Architizer A+Awards winners, Systema Staccato’s tailor-made illumination made possible by its innate configurability was a highlight. With thoughtfully considered components, the SONNEMAN design team developed a product with flexible elements at its core; between the varied options for configurations, trim finishes and shades, System Staccato gives you the ability to create unique designs.


During the development process, SONNEMAN left no stone unturned as they developed Systema Staccato, testing and configuring over thirty different configurations before landing on a tightly-edited, streamlined final six: Offset, Hash, and Linear. Additionally, the lighting system is available in three finishes—bright satin aluminum, painted brass and satin black—as well as three trim options—cone, drum or pan—fully rounding out its customizable scope.

Forward-looking Materiality

Additionally, Systema Staccato’s intentional, innovative materiality is a key component of its success as a lighting design. “To allow for customization, the design team created the system using aluminum, one of the lightest, strongest and most heat-dissipating materials on the market,” writes Architizer of the lighting system’s design, adding of its form, “The choice to make the elements within each component as light as possible allows for seamless overlay and cantilever configurations.”


Innovative Scalability

Systema Staccato is designed to suit every space and architectural whole, be it large-scale commercial spaces or intimate family homes. Its inherent flexibility—made possible by its modular design and configurability—also earned its Architizer A+Award, proving its ability to make an impact as a standalone fixture in small environments or create a dynamic effect by naturally grouping fixtures together in large-scale spaces.

About the the Architizer A+Awards

The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program focused on promoting the year’s best architecture and spaces. Its mission is to nurture the appreciation of meaningful architecture in the world and champion designers that are integral to bringing great buildings to life.

Shop Systema Staccato at today, or submit a trade inquiry for your commercial project.

SONNEMAN Launches Streamlined Site Experience

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SONNEMAN Launches Streamlined Site Experience

SONNEMAN launched its new, revitalized e-commerce site experience in September 2022 in response to increased demand for sophisticated, minimalist lighting designs for residential and commercial environments.

Easier and faster than ever.

Ideated and tailored to every user, be it consumers shopping for their own homes or trade professionals finding the perfect piece for their client, the new site experience streamlines the shopping and specification process with the same ethos the brand approaches lighting design.

Improved Functionality

Making it easier—and faster—than ever to get where users need to be, SONNEMAN implemented a streamlined navigation and homepage experience, enabling e-commerce users to shop by bestselling products or by room, as well as browse inspiration that spans Robert Sonneman’s sixty-year career as a lighting innovator. On the other side of the coin, trade professionals can quickly find their necessary resources and trade account portal.

Shop by Room

No matter the design project at hand, users can easily explore curated and sorted selections of lighting designs for living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and more, while commercial specifiers can discover the best lighting for their next commercial environment.


Lighting can prove daunting to specify on one’s own among the elements within a well-rounded space. Between selecting the right lighting mix for a space to reading up on modern design philosophy to installing fixtures correctly, “In the Studio” by SONNEMAN has insights for any project.

From Then to Now with Robert Sonneman

For almost 6 decades Robert Sonneman, founder of the eponymous world-renowned lighting design studio, pioneered modern lighting revolutionizing the way, we illuminate residential and commercial spaces. His minimalist modern designs have pushed the boundaries of illumination within architectural and residential environments.

The Three Essential Lighting Types for the Home

Lighting is an essential and critical element in any modern interior. Creating a careful mix of the right types of home lighting has the power to shift your environment and mood from intimate and relaxing to energizing and social at the flick of a switch.

Modern Lighting Ideas for an Inspired Dining Space

The right combination of modern lighting ideas can transform your dining room, leveraging the power of light to transform your existing space into a warm and hospitable place to dine.

Create Home Office Harmony with Modern Lighting

Once considered a rare workplace benefit offered to a select few, working from home is now the everyday routine of many. Although some may find the process of designing a home office daunting, working from home offers the unique opportunity to create an environment of your own outside of typical office accommodations, one where tailored furniture, shelving and—perhaps most importantly—lighting are able to improve focus, productivity and wellbeing.

The Four Core Tenets of SONNEMAN Lighting

With almost six decades of leading lighting innovation forward, Robert Sonneman dynamically looks to the past to chart the future. He applies a Bauhausian logic to contemporary problems while always striving to think about what’s next, now. 

Choosing the Best Modern Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting poses a uniquely functional and practical design challenge. We start and end the day in our bathrooms, moving through energizing morning rituals and relaxing nighttime routines. The best bathroom lighting caters to the functional needs that take place inside—bathing, grooming, applying makeup—as well as the desired atmosphere and aesthetic choices of its occupants.

How to Hang Pendant Lights with Ease

As lighting experts, we’re often asked how to hang pendant lights. The answer to this common query can be simple if you make it—first create a plan, then actualize your ideas through proper installation. Here are our simplified guidelines for how to hang pendant lights.

Choosing the Best Lighting for the Kitchen

One of the most lived-in, high traffic spaces at home, the kitchen is crucial to illuminate properly. Much more than just where we chop, cut and cook, the humble kitchen—in reality—makes up several rooms in one. It’s often a space where we get ready for the week ahead, focus on heads-down work for the day or host good friends for a dinner party. 

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