Ceiling Lights


Live among the stars with the celestial imagery and sculptural drama of Constellation, a system of architecturally scalable, interconnected compositions of dazzling sculptural illumination.

Constellation Ursa

A group of stars, in a fixed relationship to each other, combine to form patterns along a running path. A series of preconfigured Constellations are joined in interconnected arrangements of celestial imagery and limitless expansion.

Constellation Aquila

The eagle that carried Zeus's thunderbolts embodies the mythological reference to this stunning sculptural configuration. Aquila is available in two sizes, and can be suspended as individual sculptures or clustered with others to form a spectacular arrangement of magical Constellations.

Constellation Cosmic Cube

Connected in linear strands, a dramatically suspended array of LED hubs forms the geometry of a bold cube of dazzling luminance. Scaled in two sizes, Cosmic Cube can be ordered in 20" and 30" configurations, or customized for your project.

Constellation Andromeda

LED hubs connected in linear strands of various lengths are suspended to form dramatically powerful luminance within a vertical space. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, with lens options of crystal facets or soft white, Constellation Andromeda can also be customized for your project.

Constellation Aquarius

Aquarius is "The Great One;" it is a broad constellation of uniform brightness across a vast space of sky. Expansive, covering a large range of space, Aquarius is the latest innovative design configuration of our Constellation architectural lighting system.

Constellation Galaxy Matrix

The dazzling luminance of double-sided lensed LED hubs are captured in a mesh-like weave. These expansive arrays can be suspended vertically or captured within tubular frames to span space horizontally across a plane. The points of light radiate illumination through the option of faceted crystal or soft white lenses. Galaxy Matrix can also be customized for your project.

Constellation Centaurus

Vertically suspended linear strands of silver or brass rods support multiple luminous hubs of dazzling radiance. Arranged in tiered or cylindrical volumes, the Centaurus chandeliers provide a spectacular, exciting, and dramatically luxurious presence to a modern or transitional environment. 

Constellation Hedron

Hedron is composed of triangular frames connected in tension by illuminated LED hubs to form a spectacular structure of large circumference with dazzling scale and precision.

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