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A Way of Light

SONNEMAN is a modern lighting atelier at the intersection of architectural and design innovation. Illumination from the Art of Technology for residential and commercial spaces.


Ring Pendant

A warmed ring glow of LED illumination. 20% off during our Biannual Sale.


Bar Pendant

A minimally scaled LED linear pendant. 20% off during our Biannual Sale.


LED Bath Bar

Slender bars of powerful light for a luxurious, modern bathroom. 20% off during our Biannual Sale.

In The Studio

From Then to Now with Robert Sonneman

Robert Sonneman discusses how functionality and straightforward design have been core to his approach throughout his career.

Signature Product

Constellation Hedron

Signature Product

Constellation Aquila

Signature Product

Constellation Ursa

Signature Product

Constellation Cosmic Cube

Signature Product

Constellation Andromeda

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