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With simple geometries and forward-looking technology, our chandeliers innovatively create light and define spaces that are at once elegant and inviting. 

Featured collection: Ballet Chandelier

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  1. Embassy LED Pendant Embassy LED Chandelier
    Embassy LED Chandelier
    $285.00 $570.00 From:
  2. Champagne Wands Pendant Champagne Wands Chandelier
    Champagne Wands Chandelier
    From $980.00
  3. Chelsea Pendant Chelsea Chandelier
    Chelsea Chandelier
    From $550.00
  4. Candle Pendant Candle Chandelier
    Candle Chandelier
    $470.00 $940.00 From:
  5. Atelier Pendant Atelier Chandelier
    Atelier Chandelier
    From $1,300.00
  6. Orb Pendant Orb Chandelier
    Orb Chandelier
    $1,240.00 $2,480.00 From:
  7. Orb Vectors Pendant Orb Vectors Chandelier
    Orb Vectors Chandelier
    From $825.00
  8. Urban Edge Pendant
    Urban Edge Chandelier
    From $1,140.00
  9. Bubbles Pendant
    Bubbles Chandelier
    From $1,000.00
  10. Soho Bar Pendant Soho Bar Chandelier
    Soho Bar Chandelier
    $287.50 $575.00 From:
  11. Zylinder Pendant Zylinder Chandelier
    Zylinder Chandelier
    $340.00 $680.00 From:
  12. Proton Alpha Pendant Proton Alpha Chandelier
    Proton Alpha Chandelier
    From $3,200.00

Items 61-73 of 73

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