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Outdoor Lights

Defining the outdoors with sculptural forms for the most demanding architectural applications, our modern outdoor lighting is engineered to withstand the elements, while transforming surroundings with ambient presence.

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  1. 7480.97-WL Flue LED Sconce 30" Textured Black Gray SIlo Image Flue LED Sconce
    Flue LED Sconce
    Starting at $690.00
  2. 7450.97-WL Dotwave LED Sconce Small Textured Black Round Gray SIlo Image Dotwave LED Sconce
    Dotwave LED Sconce
    Starting at $510.00
  3. LP Square Sconce LP Sconce
    LP Sconce
    Starting at $450.00
  4. QB Small Sconce QB Sconce
    QB Sconce
    Starting at $420.00
  5. Hemisphere Sconce
Hemisphere Sconce
    Hemisphere Sconce
    Starting at $650.00
  6. Kaliko Sconce Kaliko Sconce
    Kaliko Sconce
    Starting at $610.00

6 Items

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