Constellation Aquarius Chandelier

Aquarius is "The Great One;" it is a broad constellation of uniform brightness across a vast space of sky. Expansive, covering a large range of space, Constellation Aquarius is available in sizes: Minor, Medius, and Major.


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Live Among The Stars 

with the celestial imagery and sculptural drama of Constellation, a new system of architecturally scalable, interconnected compositions of dazzling sculptural illumination.

Sonneman Constellation Aquarius Major Aquarius Minor Aquarius MediusSonneman Constellation Aquarius Major Aquarius Minor Aquarius Medius

How It Works

A Constellation configuration is built from LED hubs, connecting arms, and cable ceiling hangers. Constellation hubs are available in two lens options: illumination radiates through either white optical acrylic lenses. Each hub is a complete LED light engine, using an array of LEDs with driver circuitry on each of the two faces of the hub. The connecting arms form a structural and electrical connection between the hubs, and are easily assembled by inserting the arm into the hub and are secured in place by a retaining set screw. The hub can revolve around the connecting arms to alter the orientation of the illumination and that of the intersecting connecting arms. The configuration is supported by cable ceiling hangers that snap onto an arm and lock into place as needed, and is powered by a special power feed hub connected to the ceiling power feed.

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