From Then to Now with Robert Sonneman

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From Then to Now with Robert Sonneman

For almost 6 decades, Robert Sonneman, founder of the eponymous world-renowned lighting design studio, pioneered modern lighting and revolutionized the way we illuminate residential and commercial spaces. His minimalist modern designs have pushed the boundaries of illumination within architectural and residential environments.

When do you know that a design is complete?

Modern Design is a continuity of newness rooted in a mission to achieve functionality with a clarity of purpose. Achieving these objectives defines the integrity of a design. It is critical to know your objective and be committed to stop designing once you have achieved it.

What are the qualities of light that you respond to the most?

Ultimately, we see what we light. Light shapes space, determines perception and sets the mood and tone of an environment. We are sensitive to the utility required and to the emotional response desired. We are aware of the night and the power of light.

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