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Votives LED Bar Pendant

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The dramatic repetitive arrangement of the candle-like votives establishes a cadence of light and shadow along a surface bringing a rhythm of calm, warmth, and introspection. Set in linear alignment along a wall-mounted plinth, free hanging pendant or sconce, LEDs evoke through the solid frosted glass votives. In addition, a precisely lensed LED light source beneath each votive casts its cone of illumination on the wall or surface below. Votives LED Bar Pendant is also a part of our Votives Optional Mini Box Canopy.


SONNEMAN's Votives LED Bar Pendant is one of our Systems collections. Comprised of modular elements of individual LED lighting sculptures, our Systems have the capability to be interconnected or used in multiples to form scalable works of art with limitless expansion, providing stunning design and world-class illumination to commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces. Pairs with Votives LED Sconce or Votives LED Wall Bar. Available in a Satin White, Bright Satin Aluminum, or Satin Black finish, with a Flat Diffuser Lens (0.25" x 2.25"), Clear Etched Glass (3" x 2.25"), Large Clear Etched Glass (3" x 3"), Laser-Etched Crystal (4" x 2"), or Large Laser-Etched Crystal (4.5" x 2.75") shade. May be installed in damp locations.
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A Cadence of Light and Shadow

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