Coral Surface LED Surface Mount

Flowing sculptural shapes connect clusters of luminaires across wall or ceiling surfaces in this organically modern system of light. Dramatically undulating patterns and paths characterize connected configurations of any size, while individually mounted three-light modules highlight the flowing forms, bringing a soft approach of artistic expression to this expandable system.


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A Soft Approach Of Artistic Expression

Sonneman Coral Wall StairsSonneman Coral Wall Stairs
sonneman coral foyersonneman coral foyer

How It Works


Luminaires and Connectors

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The same components can be arranged in infinite configurations.

By adjusting the installation angle of the connectors, the same set of components can be installed in an infinite variety of configurations. Here are a few possibilities created from the item listed below.

This item number includes the following components:

(6) Luminaires
(2) Small-Small Connectors
(1) Small-Medium Connector
(2) Medium-Medium Connectors

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