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2023 Collection

Drawing on the SONNEMAN mid-century design heritage, the 2023 Collection extends the Bauhaus ethos of new design for modern living, exploring the combinatorial effect of bold materials and LED technology. The result: an expression of structure that places light at the heart of classic and contemporary interiors.

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  1. Luna Round LED Pendant Luna LED Pendant
    Luna LED Pendant
    Starting at $3,520.00
  2. Fino Pendant Fino Pendant
    Fino Pendant
    Starting at $950.00
  3. Labyrinth Intersections Chandelier Labyrinth Intersections Chandelier
    Labyrinth Intersections Chandelier
    Starting at $7,740.00
  4. Labyrinth Square Medium Chandelier Labyrinth Square Chandelier
    Labyrinth Square Chandelier
    Starting at $18,570.00
  5. Hemisphere Sconce
Hemisphere Sconce
    Hemisphere Sconce
    Starting at $650.00
  6. Hemisphere Surface Mount - with canopy
Hemisphere Surface Mount
    Hemisphere Surface Mount
    Starting at $550.00
  7. Hemisphere Pendant
Hemisphere Pendant
    Hemisphere Pendant
    Starting at $590.00
  8. Atelier Sconce Atelier Sconce
    Atelier Sconce
    Starting at $630.00
  9. Pillows Sconce Pillows Sconce
    Pillows Sconce
    Starting at $950.00
  10. Pillow Chandelier Pillows Chandelier
    Pillows Chandelier
    Starting at $2,600.00

10 Items

per page
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