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Linear Systems

Linear Systems

Run along a straight path in fixed and variable lengths, our range of linear systems connects lighting functionality to both continuous and intermittent illumination.

Intervals® Linear Beam System

Intervals is a uniquely integrated linear architectural lighting system of rhythmically aligned bidirectional illumination, with a range of available decorative and functional trims. Architecturally scaled, the suspended horizontal beams span long lengths within a space, supported from ceiling-mounted cables or stems, forming a dramatically powerful approach to illuminating architecturally expansive locations.


The dramatic repetitive arrangement of the candle-like votives establishes a cadence of light and shadow along a surface bringing a rhythm of calm, warmth, and introspection. Set in linear alignment along a wall-mounted plinth, LEDs evoke through the solid frosted glass votives. In addition, a precisely lensed LED light source beneath each votive casts its cone of illumination on the wall and surface below.

INTERVALS® Recessed Downlights

Engineered by Design with the Power to Perform. INTERVALS is an unequaled comprehensive approach to the highest performance and state of the art features available in recessed down lighting. Our high-performance recessed downlights are available in four sizes: 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4”, with performance capabilities increasing with scale. The light engines, optics, trims, ceiling applications, and housings are all interchangeable within each size providing unparalleled flexibility in the field.

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