Latest Introductions

Challenged by the possibilities of design innovation, we continue to explore and grow with this expansive introduction of new modern lighting. We drive our vision in the many product applications that we produce in pursuit of our mission to create Illumination From the Art of Technology®.

Constellation® Cosmic Cube 

Connected in linear strands, a dramatically suspended array of LED hubs forms the geometry of a bold cube of dazzling luminance. Scaled in two sizes, Cosmic Cube can be ordered in 20" and 30" configurations, or customized for your project.


Thoughtfully scaled, modular systems of interconnected elements and LED luminaires, created by ingenuity, technology, and a systems approach to design. Our decorative architectural systems have been meticulously designed as individual LED lighting sculptures with the capability to be interconnected into scalable works of art, with limitless expansion across the vastness of a space.

Purolinear 360

A system of linear tubes, set within the geometry of surface-mounted cylinder brackets, rotate individually to direct the LED illumination in 360 degrees along their axis. Arranged in a linear pattern or along a single path, the possibilities for compositions are endless and unlimited in scalability.

Coral Surface

Flowing sculptural shapes connect clusters of luminaires across wall or ceiling surfaces in this organically modern system of light. Dramatically undulating patterns and paths characterize connected configurations of any size, while individually mounted three-light modules highlight the flowing forms, bringing a soft approach of artistic expression to this expandable system.


Intersecting stems form clusters of illuminated glass spheres in a dance-like rhythm. Mounted in precisely poised positions along rectangular beams in linear and rectilinear configurations of expansive scale, these Nebula constructions form illuminating sculptures of joyous activity in dramatic scale and proportion.


A softly shaped volume, realized in clear ribbed glass, dramatically reveals a white luminous core within. Available as single or multiple pendants.


Organically sweeping curves undulate in flowing vine-like configurations on which illuminated glass seedpods extend from the softly intersecting branches. Available in several configurations as well as custom sizes, Vines can be suspended singularly or in clusters to scale into dramatically large sweeping installations of extraordinary sculptural presence.


Ultra thin and minimally scaled, these slender bars of powerful light are mounted in a fixed position on a wall or ceiling. The softly shaped mounting brackets have radiused ends on their linear section and can be mounted to a wall with the addition of a remotely placed LED driver.


Rhythmically aligned circular fins delineate the solid geometry of these luminaires, inside or out. Several available sizes scale in volume and length while maintaining Lighthouse’s nautical feel. The substantial volume and rhythm lend a solid tone to the structure it lights.

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