the purolinear 360™ story

Arranged in a linear pattern or along a single path, the possibilities for compositions are endless and unlimited in scalability. Set on a wall, in line behind a bed, the rotatable luminaires provide the variability of direct or indirect illumination.

360 Degrees

Rotate individually to direct illumination in 360 degrees. A system of linear tubes, set within the geometry of surface-mounted cylinder brackets, rotate individually to direct the LED illumination in 360 degrees along their axis.

Dramatic Sculptural Light-Scape

Purolinear 360 can transition between wall and ceiling mounting using corner connectors, as shown, providing an unbroken path of directable linear illumination throughout a space. Light can be directed in 360 degrees of rotation around its axis.

Unlimited Scale

Purolinear 360 is a modular system composed of Luminaires in three lengths and Connectors in two sizes and five styles. Any of the Connectors can be used as a power feed, with up to 8’ of Luminaire length in any direction from the power feed. Luminaires can also be electrically isolated from a Connector, allowing multiple circuits to be connected together to form a configuration of unlimited scale.

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